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Order Status page

The Order Status page is a browser-based page where your customers can see real-time updates while their orders are being fulfilled. The page contains the list of items, a map, the shopper's name, and delivery details.

Instacart hosts the Order Status page. You can customize colors and add your logo to the top of the page. Each customer gets a unique link to an Order Status page for their order. You can choose to include this link in the customer notifications sent by Instacart. To configure the page or discuss alternative hosting arrangements, contact your Instacart Connect representative.

Status changes

The following table describes the statuses and any actions that the customer can perform from that status page:

Status/page titleDescriptionPossible actions
We got your orderContains the list of items in the order.Add or edit items until shopping starts.
Shopping in progressContains the list of items divided into found, replacements, in progress, and refunded.Review changes.
Review replacementsPrompts customers to review changes before checkout.Review changes.
Shopping completeIndicates that the shopper has finished shopping and paid for the items.None
Out for deliveryMaps the location of the shopper while the shopper is in transit.None
DeliveredConfirms that the order was delivered to the address provided.None


For example, the following image shows an order in the Shopping in progress status.

The image shows the Order Status page in a browser view. On the left is the delivery date and time, the Shopping in progress status, and the items in the order with 5 found, 1 replacement, and 1 refund. On the right is the map with both the customer and shopper locations, the shopper's name Amida, and a delivery address of 501 Belt Line Rd. 62234.