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Instacart Developer Platform API

Use the Instacart Developer Platform API to integrate a shopping experience into your applications and websites. For example, you can create a shoppable recipe for a main meal, or you can create a shopping list to help people start a new diet plan.


Instacart Developer Platform API is built for app developers. If you are a retailer who wants to add Instacart fulfillment capabilities to your e-commerce site, see Instacart Connect APIs.

Get started

  • 1. Sign up

    Sign up for an Instacart developer account.

  • 2. Get your API key

    Instacart sends you an API key.

  • 3. Create requests

    Send requests to the Instacart Developer Platform API.

Get help

If you need help during development, contact Instacart Technical Support by creating a ticket in the Enterprise Service Desk. For more information about how to create a ticket, see Request technical support.