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Instacart Enterprise Technical Support

The Instacart Enterprise Technical Support team supports Instacart's enterprise customers. Enterprise customers are retailers, partners, and advertisers who use Instacart Platform technologies in their e-commerce solutions. The Instacart Enterprise Technical Support team handles technical concerns, tasks, questions, and feedback about Instacart Platform technologies.

Supported products

The team supports the following Instacart Platform products:

  • Instacart Storefront
  • Instacart Storefront Pro
  • Instacart Platform Portal
  • Instacart Ads (Ads Manager API/UI)
  • Carrot Ads (publisher/retailer)
  • Catalog
  • Connect API
  • Instacart Developer Platform API
  • In-store Associate App
  • Caper

If you don't see the product you need help with, you can still submit a request and we will forward it to the correct team within Instacart.

Support tools

The team provides support with the following tools:

To request access to these tools, submit a request. For more information, see Manage user access to support tools.