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Recipe page

Instacart Developer Platform enables you to offer your users shoppable recipes that suit their preferred lifestyle or diet. With access to over 100,000 stores, options can be limitless with recipe planning.

Examples of recipe applications your users can experience include:

  • Mobile cookbooks
  • Vegan meal planners
  • Pet-friendly meal planners
  • Holiday food apps
  • 5-minute snack apps

The basics - step by step

The following workflow describes the steps to create and use a recipe page:

  1. Specify a list of ingredients that make up the recipe.
  2. Add these items in the ingredients parameter when making a request to the Create recipe page endpoint.
  3. When successful, the request returns a URL to the recipe page on Instacart Marketplace. You associate this URL with the recipe in your application.
  4. From your application, a user clicks the link.
  5. On the recipe page, the user selects their preferred store, reviews the items available in that store, and adds their preferred items to their cart.
  6. If the user is already logged into Instacart, they can proceed to checkout. Otherwise, the user is prompted to log in or to create an account.

The following image shows an example of a recipe page:

Shows a recipe page with a list of shoppable ingredients.