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Frequently asked questions

You might find answers to some of your questions here. If not, contact your Instacart representative.

Does Instacart support implementing deep linking on the URL returned as a response when a request is made to create a shopping list or recipe?

Yes, Instacart does support deep linking the URL returned from both the Create shopping list page and the Create recipe page endpoints. The URL returned opens the Instacart app. This is present in both iOS and Android applications.

On iOS, the URL may open the web app rather than the Instacart app. This behavior can be caused by frequently testing manual input to the browser, which causes the iOS platform to automatically assign the URL to open in Safari.

To re-enable deep linking to the Instacart app on your device, long-press the link in Safari and choose the Open in Instacart option to reset this setting. Alternatively, from the Open in the Instacart app banner, click the Open button.

What's the best practice for specifying brands in the brand_filters array?

Add only brand names in the brand_filters array. Add the product name in the LineItem object. If none of the brands in the array are available at a store, Instacart can return a link to suggested alternatives that match the product name.