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Get an order

GET /v2/post_checkout/orders/{order_id}

Retrieves high-level information about the specified order. This includes the creation date of the order, the current workflow state, the fulfillment type, and the start and end times of the order's delivery window.

The following table describes the list of valid fulfillment types:

Fulfillment typeDescription
deliveryA shopper picks the items in the order and delivers the order to the customer.
last_mile_deliveryAn Instacart shopper delivers an order that was picked and staged by an in-store shopper.
pickupA shopper picks and stages an order for pickup by the customer.

The following table describes the list of valid workflow states and which fulfillment type uses each state:

Workflow StateDescriptiondeliverylast_mile_deliverypickup
brand_newThe order has been created but not acknowledged by a shopper.✔️✔️✔️
acknowledgedA shopper has acknowledged the order.✔️✔️
pickingThe order is currently being shopped by a shopper.✔️✔️
verifying_replacementsReplacement items in the order are being reviewed.✔️✔️
checkoutThe shopper is going through checkout with the order.✔️✔️
bags_checkThe bags in the order are being checked.✔️✔️
stagedThe order has been placed in the staging area.✔️
staged_for_deliveryThe order has been placed in the staging area.✔️
waiting_for_deliveryThe order is waiting to be picked up for delivery by a shopper.✔️
acknowledged_for_deliveryA shopper has acknowledged the order and is making their way to the store.✔️
at_storeThe shopper has arrived at the store.✔️
bags_verifiedAll bags have been verified for the order.✔️✔️
ready_for_pickupThe order is ready for customer pickup.✔️
user_at_storeThe customer has arrived at the store.✔️
runner_awaitingA store employee is being selected to carryout the order.✔️
runner_acknowledgedA store employee has acknowledged the order and is making their way to the customer.✔️
runner_not_foundA store employee could not be found.✔️
in_store_pickupThe order is available for pickup within the store.✔️
deliveringThe order is currently being delivered to the customer.✔️✔️
deliveredThe order has been delivered to the customer.✔️✔️✔️

If you set the fulfillment_type parameter to pickup, you must also set the pickup_category parameter.

The following table describes the list of valid values for pickup_category:

Pickup categoryDescription
curbsideWhen the customer arrives, a retailer employee runs the order to a designated pickup location.
in_storeThe customer picks up the order from a designated location inside the store.
lockerThe customer picks up the order from a pickup locker.


AuthorizationheaderThe Authorization header with the bearer token acquired during authentication.


order_idpathstringThe ID of the order.

Request examples

curl --request GET \
--url '{order_id}' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'


idstringThe ID of the order.
creation_datestringThe creation date of this order.
workflow_statestringThe workflow state of this order.
fulfillment_typestringThe type of order: {delivery, last_mile_delivery, pickup}.
auth_amountnumberThe authorized amount (can be null).
items_pricenumberThe price of the items (can be null).
tip_amountnumberThe tip amount (can be null).
pickup_categorystringThe type of pickup {curbside, locker, in_store} (can be null).
fulfillment_detailsFulfillment_detailsThe order fulfillment details.
user_idintegerThe ID of the user associated with order.
client_configuration_idintegerThe ID of the retailer associated with order.

Fulfillment_details Object

window_starts_atstringWhen the fulfillment window starts at.
window_ends_atstringWhen the fulfillment window ends at.
bag_countintegerThe number of bags in the order (can be null).

Response examples

200 Success

"id": "NoSkins!",
"creation_date": "2021-12-15T17:19:00Z",
"workflow_state": "brand_new",
"fulfillment_type": "delivery",
"fulfillment_details": {
"window_starts_at": "2021-12-15T17:19:00Z",
"window_ends_at": "2021-12-15T18:19:00Z",
"bag_count": 2
"user_id": 12345,
"client_configuration_id": 56789,
"is_express": true

4XX Errors

Error responses return either a single error or multiple errors.

HTTP CodeCauseError MessageError CodeError Meta
404Order not found"Resource not found"4000{}