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Find stores offering delivery

POST /v2/fulfillment/stores/delivery

Returns an array of stores that offer delivery for the customer's location. The list of stores is sorted by distance, with the store closest to the customer displayed first.

A store is eligible for delivery orders when the pickup_only flag is set to false.

By default, shoppers deliver to addresses that are within 30 minutes of the store location. If long distance delivery is enabled for a store, deliveries can be made to addresses that are between 30 and 60 minutes away. When a store offers this option, the long_distance_delivery flag is set to true. For more information about enabling this option, see Service areas for delivery.

If a store offers alcohol, the alcohol flag is set to true. For more information, see Alcohol compliance.

After a store is selected, save the store location_code. You specify the location when retrieving the list of available time slots and creating an order.


AuthorizationheaderThe Authorization header with the bearer token acquired during authentication.


find_byFind_byThe location to use for finding the stores.

Find_by Object

One of the following:

latitudenumberThe latitude coordinate.
longitudenumberThe longitude coordinate.


address_line_1stringThe first address line.
address_line_2stringThe second address line.
address_typestringThe type of address, e.g., "residential".
postal_codestringThe postal/zip code of the address.

Request examples

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"find_by": {
"latitude": 1,
"longitude": 1


storesArray(Stores)The returned stores.
is_partialbooleanWhether the zip code or postal code has partial coverage.

Stores Object

namestringThe name of the store.
location_codestringThe store code, which is used in other requests to identify the store.
flagsFlagsProperties of the store.

Flags Object

alcoholbooleanWhether the store supports alcoholic orders.
pickupbooleanWhether the store supports pickup orders. When pickup is true, the store supports both pickup and delivery. When pickup is false, the store supports only delivery orders.
pickup_onlybooleanWhen the pickup flag is true, the pickup_only value indicates whether the store supports delivery in addition to pickup. When pickup_only is false, the store supports delivery. When pickup_only is true, the store doesn't support delivery.
long_distance_deliverybooleanWhether a delivery from the store will be a long distance delivery.

Response examples

200 Success

"stores": [
"name": "Test Warehouse Location 530",
"location_code": "000-33375",
"flags": {
"alcohol": false,
"pickup": true,
"pickup_only": false,
"long_distance_delivery": false
"name": "Test Warehouse Location 531",
"location_code": "000-33383",
"flags": {
"alcohol": true,
"pickup": true,
"pickup_only": false,
"long_distance_delivery": true
"is_partial": false

4XX Errors

Error responses return either a single error or multiple errors.

HTTP CodeCauseError MessageError CodeError Meta
400No stores found"Stores not found for the provided request."1001{}
400Malformed find_by object"value is not valid"1001{"key":"find_by"}
400Missing both postal code and coordinates"can't be blank"1001{"key":"find_by"}
400Postal code not found"Postal code not found."1001{"key":"postal_code"}