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Instacart Connect Sandbox API

Simulate order status changes and callbacks while testing your integrations in a development environment.


Use the Sandbox API in your development environment. The API is not enabled in the production environments.

After implementing a fulfillment workflow in a development environment, test the entire workflow before moving it to a production environment. Use the Fulfillment API to create an order for delivery, pickup, or last mile delivery. Then use the Sandbox API to simulate the order lifecycle for testing purposes.


Dispatch last mile delivery is a simpler implementation of last mile delivery. The information in this guide about last mile delivery also applies to dispatch last mile delivery.


Use the Sandbox API to perform the following actions while testing:

  • Create a shopper
  • Generate a batch containing an order and assign the shopper to the batch
  • Advance the batch through the statuses, from brand new to completed
  • Test shopper changes, including adding, updating, replacing, and refunding items
  • Simulate order callbacks and test your callback endpoint


Use the same development server you are assigned for the Fulfillment API.