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Instacart Connect Recommendations API

Offer your customers recommendations for replacement items or complementary items with the Instacart Connect Recommendations API. The Instacart recommendations service uses machine learning to improve the relevancy of the suggested replacement items or complementary items. Customers check out their carts and shoppers facilitate item replacements every day. This customer feedback gives our system a rich understanding of what makes a great replacement or complementary option for an item.

Replacement items

Replacement items are the items that customers would see on the shelves surrounding a preferred item while shopping in store. You can provide a similar experience for online customers by displaying recommended replacement items. High quality recommendations for replacement items increase the chance that your customers can buy the types of items they need, even if the items aren’t their first choice of brand or size. From both the customer and retailer perspectives, a satisfactory replacement is always preferable to a refund.

Complementary items

Complementary items are the types of items that customers often buy together. For example, if a cart contains peanut butter, your site might display a list of complementary items, such as a selection of jams, jellies, marmalades, bananas, and bread. A well-curated list of complementary items can improve the customer’s shopping experience and might increase the number of items in the customer’s cart.