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Instacart Connect supports the Accept-Language request HTTP header as described in RFC 7231. For example, your requests can specify a list of languages and you can add weights for resolving those languages.

Currently, the following locales are supported by Connect:

CountrySupported Locales
United Statesen-US (default)
Canadaen-CA (default), fr-CA

The default locale for the country is used when Connect is unable to find a supported locale that matches a specified locale.

locale parameter

You can explicitly set a locale parameter when you create an order or a user. The locale parameter accepts one locale specified in IETF Language Tag format.

If the Accept-Language header is set and the request includes the locale parameter, the language specified in the locale parameter is used. For example, in all requests, the Accept-Language header is set to en-CA. When a customer wants to receive communications in French, the request to create a user account for that customer explicitly sets the locale parameter to fr-CA.

Currently, the following methods support the locale parameter: