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Fulfillment API endpoints overview

The Fulfillment API contains the following resource endpoints:

/v2/fulfillment/storesFind stores offering delivery, pickup, or last mile delivery.
/v2/fulfillment/service_optionsRetrieve available time slots before a customer starts shopping or logs in. This availability preview can reassure customers that time slots that match their schedule are currently open.
/v2/fulfillment/usersSeparate your customer account data from the data sent to Instacart. The Connect user account is created at the API level and not shown to your customers. You can choose to allow customers who have Instacart+ memberships to link accounts.
/v2/fulfillment/users/{user_id}/service_optionsRetrieve available time slots after the customer has filled their cart and is ready to check out of your store. These time slots can be reserved while the customer completes your checkout process and then booked when the order is created.
/v2/fulfillment/users/{user_id}/ordersCreate, update, and cancel orders. Retrieve details about orders associated with the user ID.
/v2/feedback/users/{user_id}/orders/{order_id}/ratingCreate or update order feedback in a backend implementation.
/v2/feedback/orders/{order_id}/ratingCreate or update order feedback in a frontend implementation.
/v2/fulfillment/lastmile/ordersCreate, stage, update, and cancel dispatch last mile delivery orders.

The Fulfillment API also sends event callbacks and customer notifications. For more information about your options for managing communications, see Customer communications.

Use the following resources to learn how to use the endpoints together to implement fulfillment workflows: