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Create or update order feedback (backend)

POST /v2/feedback/users/{user_id}/orders/{order_id}/rating

Create or update the feedback for an order.


Use this endpoint with a client credentials access token for backend implementations. For frontend implementations, see Create or update order feedback (frontend).

The following table describes the list of valid rating values:

STARS1Dissatisfied with the order. The lowest rating.
STARS2Somewhat dissatisfied with the order.
STARS3OK with the order.
STARS4Satisfied with the order.
STARS5Happy with the order. The highest rating.

The following table describes the list of valid highlights:

QUALITY_ITEMSThe shopper selected quality items.
SMART_BAGGINGThe shopper proficiently bagged the items.
EXTRA_EFFORTThe shopper made an extra effort with the order.
HELPFUL_CHATThe shopper provided helpful chat messages.
GOOD_REPLACEMENTSThe shopper selected good replacement items.
SMOOTH_DELIVERYThe shopper ensured a smooth delivery of the order.
FAST_PICKUPThe pickup process was fast.
CLEAR_PICKUP_INSTRUCTIONSThe pickup instructions were clear.
EASY_PARKINGThe pickup area enabled easy parking.
SMOOTH_HANDOFFThe handoff of the pickup order was smooth.


AuthorizationheaderThe Authorization header with the bearer token acquired during authentication.


order_idpathstringThe ID of the order.
user_idpathstringThe ID of the user.


rating_valuestringThe rating value.
highlightsArray(string)The highlights.
thank_you_notestringA thank you note.

Request examples

curl --request POST \
--url '{user_id}/orders/{order_id}/rating' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"rating_value": "STARS1",
"highlights": [
"thank_you_note": "string"


successbooleanWhether the request was successful.

Response examples

200 Success

"success": true

4XX Errors

Error responses return either a single error or multiple errors.

HTTP CodeCauseError MessageError CodeError Meta
400Invalid user id"User Not Found"1001{"key":"user_id"}
403Inactive user"User Not Active"null{}
404Order not found"Resource not found"4000{}