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Sandbox API endpoints overview

The Sandbox API contains the following resource endpoints:

/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/batches/Generate a batch that contains the order and assign it to a shopper. Can also use it to generate a batch for runners on pickup order.
/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/batches/{batch_id}/advanceAdvance the status of a specified batch. The status progression depends on the type of order.
/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/instacart_usersCreate an Instacart user.
/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/instacart_users/{user_id}/authorizeAuthorize an Instacart user for account linking.
/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/orders/{order_id}/callbacksSimulate callbacks to a callback endpoint.
/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/shoppersCreate a shopper to assign to a batch.
/v2/fulfillment_sandbox/shoppers/{shopper_id}/orders/{order_id}/itemsSimulate a shopper creating or updating items.

Use the following resources to learn how to use the endpoints together to test fulfillment workflows in a development environment:

You can also use this API while testing a Post-checkout API implementation.