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Instacart Connect Post-checkout API

Offer your customers an Order Status page where they can interact with shoppers and track their orders.

When ordering through the Instacart app, customers have the ability to track their order and approve replacement items suggested by their shopper. As an Instacart Connect partner, you can offer similar support to your customers through a browser-based Order Status page.

Get started quickly by selecting the basic Order Status page hosted by Instacart. You can brand the page with your logo and brand color.

As time permits, you might want to host the page on your infrastructure and add more customizations. If you want complete control over the user interface, you can design your own components and use the Post-checkout API to retrieve the order data to show within the components.

Order Status page#

Your customer can see real-time updates while their order is being shopped and delivered. For example, they can see their order status, order details, and tracking information. The Order Status page is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

The following image shows an example of the page when an order is in the Out for delivery status. The customer can see the items in the order, replacements and refunds, shopper name, and delivery address. The map contains a pin for the customer location and, while the shopper is in transit, a pin for the shopper's location.

The image shows the Out for delivery page in a browser view. On the left is the delivery date and time, the status, and the items in the order with 5 found, 1 replacement, and 1 refund. On the right is the map with both the customer and shopper locations, the shopper's name Amida, and a delivery address of 501 Belt Line Rd. 62234.

For more information about the statuses, see Order status page. For more information about how replacements work, see Replacements flow.

Post-checkout API#

The Order Status page is updated by calling the Post-checkout API endpoints. If you wanted, you can design your own Order Status page and use the API to populate it with order data from Instacart. For information about the endpoints, see the API reference.

Getting started#

To configure the Order Status page for your customers, contact your Instacart Connect representative.