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Update a last mile delivery order

PUT /v2/fulfillment/lastmile/orders/{order_id}

Updates an order. You can change the delivery window, order details, and the pre-delivery tip amount.


After an order is assigned for fulfillment, you cannot update the order.

When changing the delivery window, the start and end timestamps must fall within the window specified in the selected service option (time slot). If the timestamps are outside the window, the request fails. To select a new service option, list the available service options and select one. You don’t need to reserve it. Copy the values for the service option id, start_at, and end_at fields, and put these values in the request's service_option_id, start_at, and end_at fields.


AuthorizationheaderThe Authorization header with the bearer token acquired during authentication.


order_idpathβœ…The ID of the order.


start_atstringThe requested delivery window start time in ISO 8601 format.
end_atstringThe requested delivery window end time in ISO 8601 format.
service_option_idintegerThe ID of the service option for the order.
initial_tip_centsintegerThe pre-delivery tip in cents.
items_countintegerThe number of items in the order.
bags_countintegerThe number of bags in the order.
items_weightnumberThe weight of the items in lbs.
cart_totalnumberThe gross merchandise value (gmv) of the cart.
alcoholicbooleanIndicator whether order contains alcohol.
special_instructionsstringSpecial instructions about the order to pass on to the shopper.

When you update the delivery window, service_option_id, start_at, and end_at are required fields.

Request Examples#

curl --request PUT \  --url '{order_id}' \  --header 'Accept: application/json' \  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \  --data '{  "start_at": "string",  "end_at": "string",  "service_option_id": 1,  "initial_tip_cents": 1,  "items_count": 1,  "bags_count": 1,  "items_weight": 1,  "cart_total": 1,  "alcoholic": true,  "special_instructions": "string"}'


idstringβœ…The ID of the order.
statusstringβœ…The current order status.
order_urlstringLink to view the order.
created_atstringThe time of order creation in ISO 8601 format.
cancellation_reasonstringThe reason the order was canceled.
localestringThe order's locale in POSIX format. Example: en_US.
fulfillment_detailsFulfillment_detailsThe order delivery details.

Fulfillment_details Object#

store_locationstringThe location code of the store where the order was fulfilled. The store_location is often the same as the location_code that was used to create the order. However, orders can be fulfilled from a different store location.
window_starts_atstringβœ…The start time of the delivery window in ISO 8601 format.
window_ends_atstringβœ…The end time of the delivery window in ISO 8601 format.
delivered_atstringThe time the order was delivered at in ISO 8601 format.
bag_countintegerThe number of bags in the order.

Response Examples#

{  "id": "12345676789012345678780",  "status": "created",  "order_url": "",  "created_at": "2018-02-22T00:00:00Z",  "cancellation_reason": "",  "locale": "en_US",  "fulfillment_details": {    "window_starts_at": "2018-02-22T00:00:00Z",    "window_ends_at": "2018-02-22T00:00:00Z"  }}