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Get an order

GET /v2/fulfillment/users/{user_id}/orders/{order_id}

Retrieves order details by order ID. Order details include the status, creation time, time slot, and the Items object. For orders that have been fulfilled, the response includes the location of the fulfillment store, how many bags were in the order, and when the customer received their order.


AuthorizationheaderThe Authorization header with the bearer token acquired during authentication.


order_idpathstringโœ…The ID of the order.
user_idpathstringโœ…The ID of the user.


curl --request GET \  --url '{user_id}/orders/{order_id}' \  --header 'Accept: application/json' \  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'


idstringโœ…The ID of the order.
statusstringโœ…The current order status.
order_urlstringLink to view the order.
created_atstringThe time of order creation in ISO 8601 format.
cancellation_reasonstringThe reason the order was canceled.
localestringThe order's locale in POSIX format. Example: en_US.
fulfillment_detailsFulfillment_detailsThe order delivery details.
warningsArray(Warnings)Any warnings associated with this request.
itemsArray(Items)The items in the order.

Fulfillment_details Object#

store_locationstringThe location code of the store where the order was fulfilled. The store_location is often the same as the location_code that was used to create the order. However, orders can be fulfilled from a different store location.
window_starts_atstringโœ…The start time of the delivery window in ISO 8601 format.
window_ends_atstringโœ…The end time of the delivery window in ISO 8601 format.
delivered_atstringThe time the order was delivered at in ISO 8601 format.
bag_countintegerThe number of bags in the order.

Warnings Object#

errorErrorInformation relevant to the error.
metaMetaThe error metadata.

Error Object#

messagestringThe error message.
error_codeintegerThe error code.

Meta Object#

itemsArray(Items)The offending items.

Items Object#

item_codestringThe offending item's retailer reference code (rrc) or upc.

Items Object#

line_numstringโœ…The item's line number in the order.
qtynumberThe quantity of the item.
qty_unitstringThe quantity type, either "each" or "lb".
replacedbooleanIndicates whether the item was replaced.
scan_codestringThe scan code of the item.
replacement_policystringThe replacement policy for the item.
itemItemโœ…The item's codes.

Item Object#

upcstringThe item's universal product code (upc).
rrcstringThe item's retailer reference code (rrc).
requested_upcstringThe requested item's universal product code (upc).
requested_rrcstringThe requested item's retailer reference code (rrc).
delivered_upcstringThe delivered item's universal product code (upc).
delivered_rrcstringThe delivered item's retailer reference code (rrc).

Response Examples#

{  "id": "12345676789012345678780",  "status": "created",  "order_url": "",  "created_at": "2018-02-22T00:00:00Z",  "cancellation_reason": "",  "locale": "en_US",  "fulfillment_details": {    "store_location": "000-314",    "window_starts_at": "2018-02-22T00:00:00Z",    "window_ends_at": "2018-02-22T00:00:00Z",    "bag_count": 3  },  "items": [    {      "line_num": "1",      "qty": 47,      "qty_unit": "each",      "replaced": false,      "scan_code": "ascandoe",      "replacement_policy": "shoppers_choice",      "item": {        "upc": "lime",        "rrc": "big_lime",        "requested_upc": "lemon",        "requested_rrc": "",        "delivered_upc": "lime",        "delivered_rrc": "big_lime"      }    }  ]}